Wednesday, July 5, 2023

SPONSOR MESSAGE - Fran's Faithful Finds


I am Fran Vincent, mother of a Beautifully Birthmarked Babe!  

Our daughter discovered the Vascular Birthmark Foundation (VBF) in 2018. 

The impact was immediate.  

There were others in the world she could see and relate to. She could understand and be understood.  Then all of a sudden, she quit hiding her angel kiss.  Proudly, walking around the stares.  Confidently ready to talk about her port wine stain and birthmark journey!  

That fire became a passion to share the VBF with everyone who needed to know!!!  Humbly and whole-heartedly she created a funnel for reaching mothers, teens and adults and spreading the news about this newfound portal full of resources, experts and footsteps for treatment!  The world wide web at work towards a positive and much needed cause!  I was amazed at other's stories and the thirst for the same discovery our daughter had also been seeking - for her entire life!

By now you may realize our birthmarked babe is Chelsea Vincent!  The little girl who walked tip toed, loved to play dress up and could sing and talk like an English child!  Energetic and consistently drawn to those in her life who were a little "different"; even the new kid in school. I could go on and on!

However, my purpose is to offer support to the VBF mission.  In my recent retirement, I combined my hobbies and interests into a small business named Fran's Faithful Finds.  

One of my Favorite Finds is a company called Thirty-One!

I have been a Thirty-One Consultant for a little over two years.  It's a joy to share these wonderful products and gifts!  And, it affords an avenue to give back!  When needs for gifting, back to school, traveling, organizing and everything in between arise, please consider shopping with me.
On EVERY ORDER placed between June 19 - July 28, I will donate 20% (of the total spent before tax/shipping) to the Vascular Birthmarks Foundation! I am available to answer your questions, offer suggestions and relay product reviews. Our products have a 90 day warranty. 

Shop now at 

Thank you! 

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